Lake Manyara National Park

This national park offers something very unique, although little in size; If you’re there at the right time (just after the rain seasons) the lake is packed with beautiful flamingos. If you are lucky you get to see the tree-climbing lions this park is very famous for, this habit is extremely rarely seen in the southern Serengeti as well. You can also spot different kinds of primates and the park offers great bird-viewing. Giraffes and dik-dik (a small antelope) are also common to see. It’s size is only 330 sq. km., of which nearly 200 sq. km. is the lake when the water levels are high.

Driving into the park you have to keep your eyes peeled, dense bush and tall trees creates a very good and safe hiding place for animals further down the food chain. This means that you may stop abruptly if your driver spots something in between the vegetation. If you are going, or have been on safari in Serengeti or Ngorongoro Crater, this will surely be a pleasant change of pace, having to actively look for animals together with your guide. This is not a park you stay several days in, we normally recommend a half day, as we think the remaining time is better spent getting to the Ngorongoro Crater (or on the way home from it, depending on route). However, if you would like an entire day and get to drive through the whole park, we will happily arrange it for you! For shorter safaris with as little driving as possible, a full day in Lake Manyara N.P. combined with a couple days in Tarangire N.P. will give you a great safari experience, with satisfying variation both in topography and animals diversity.

We feel the need to emphasize that Lake Manyara can offer both OK and incredible safaris, this is because of large variations in both animal type and density depending on season. As no seasons are the same we hope you take this into consideration and account, especially if you would like an entire day there.

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