Mount Kilimanjaro National Park

Normally referred to just as Kilimanjaro or Mount Kilimanjaro, this mountain will take your breath away – practically speaking! It reaches 5,895 meters into the Tanzanian skies and with its flat top has gotten the fitting nickname “The Roof of Africa”. This is the world’s tallest free standing mountain! Kilimanjaro has many routes that takes you to the top, but at this altitude you’re best off not rushing it. Shorter routes like Marangu (nicknamed Coca-Cola route) have a low percentage of summiteers, you simply don’t get the same acclimatization when rushing up the mountain, and it’s no fun walking in a queue either. Therefor we simply do not offer this route, we do not feel that it justifies the experience and price of such a trek and the route does not satisfy our company’s philosophy – to have the best experience you possibly can have in Tanzania.

There are several factors to take into consideration when contemplating whether to do it or not (these are thoroughly explained in our “How to prepare for Kilimanjaro” document that you receive with a suggested itinerary): Age,
The trek is not to be taken lightly, choosing the right route and length of trip will be crucial for your success. Tanzania Explorer crew and staff have trekked the mountain and has first hand experience – invaluable in our opinion.

We could go on and on about the staggering beauty and views from the mountain, or about the skies that are so clear you can see The Milky Way with your own eyes, but we would rather you get a personal opinion from one of us. Find the route that suits you best below or let us help you choose.

Tanzania Explorer always strive to give our customers the best price on everything that we offer, but not at the expense of safety and success rate, especially on Kilimanjaro. We therefor use some of the most experienced guides and operators on our climbs. This will affect the price, but for this kind of trip you should not go for the cheapest option, chances are that the price is reflected in the trips outcome.

PS! We offer trekking on all routes on Kilimanjaro, but strongly recommend one of the three below – based on personal experience!